SF Motors Hosts Global Partner Meeting in Silicon Valley

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U.S.-Based EV Company Convened Key Advisors, Including Martin Eberhard, and Executives from more than 60 Global Automotive Suppliers to Discuss R&D and Manufacturing

Santa Clara, CA (August 2, 2017)SF Motors, a Silicon Valley electric vehicle (EV) company, held a product R&D and business briefing at their Silicon Valley headquarters on Monday, July 31 to outline their strategic plans to bring a dedicated EV brand to the U.S. automotive market.

The event, which focused on key strategic partner collaborations across SF Motors’ R&D and manufacturing departments, hosted a renowned group of advisors, including electric vehicle innovator, Martin Eberhard, as well as a number of top executives from more than 60 partner automotive supply chain companies, which ranged from Bosch and NVIDIA to Fuyao Glass.

SF Motors has established seven facilities across four countries in the U.S., China, Japan and Germany, all of which will focus on intelligent E-powertrain technology, vehicle engineering, and a lightweight design. The company is developing two advanced EV products, which are slated for a 2019 launch.

“The EV industry is rapidly advancing and finally starting to scale for real, mass market adoption. We are working on a next-generation electric powertrain and packaging options that will allow SF Motors to produce a high-range, high-quality EV and deliver on its electric for everyone ethos,” said Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard, who serves as a chief strategic advisor to SF Motors. “SF Motors is a serious EV company that is building a world-class car by blending the best Silicon Valley, Detroit and China have to offer – I believe this company will become a leader in the worldwide EV market.”

“Technology is our foundation and advantage, and our vision is to deliver a superior EV to the U.S. automotive marketplace,” Said Yifan Tang, CTO of SF Motors. “We are working to improve transportation for everyone and usher in a new era of clean mobility by implementing innovative AI, developing advanced battery and powertrain systems, and incorporating connectivity.”

Sokon’s 30 years of success is based on strong alliances among suppliers. The company has consistently kept consumers top-of-mind in al endeavors. Sokon’s partnerships are built on the concepts of innovation, open-mindedness, connectivity and sharing, which integrate the resources from all members in the value chain, with the aim of common growth and shared value among all parties.

“I am very glad to see that SF Motors has largely completed its strategic deployment. We have cooperated with Sokon for years and have maintained a strong level of trust and support, which has led to consumer benefits and growth,” said Chen Yudong, president of Bosch China. “In the future, we will enhance our participation in the EV field. We believe that SF Motors will be successful.”

Julian Zhu, VP of North American Business at Fuyao Glass is focusing on enhancing their partnership with SF Motors. “This was my first time attending such a large-scale meeting with SF Motors, and it helped me have a deeper understanding of the company’s goals and outlook.” Stefan Domok, CEO of Engineering Division at ARRK added, “the forward-looking strategy planning and result-oriented approach of the company is setting us up for success.”

Sokon’s decades of growth has been driven by entrepreneurship and innovation, which are hallmarks of Silicon Valley. The leadership team believes that through collaboration between partners, SF Motors could become one of the top three US-based EVs. “We believe SF Motors will be very successful in U.S. EV market,” said Xinghai Zhang, Chairman of Sokon Group and SF Motors.